New and recent projects

It's been a big year!

Besides having completed his third production album for EMIs Castle Music, Paul has been busy on a number of large projects including the large format animation projection for the City of Sydney ViVid exhibition, held throughout the CBD.

His music composition and sound design was part of the Customs House projection created by The Electric Canvas.

Eight animated scenes, depicting a day in the life of a city, projected across the entire face of the building.

Stylistically the music ranged from avant-garde jazz to full orchestral scoring. Its been uploaded to Vimeo for full HD playback so if you would like to view it be patient - it's well worth the download time.

Electric Canvas Customs House link

The other main project is "The story so Far" by P.A.Smith (no not Keith Urbans compile album), but a country crossover album that Paul has been working on since Christmas 2011.

It was released on iTunes a week before Keith's so it ain't no rip off! It contains 13 tracks that Paul felt the urge to write and seeing as he started off in country music, he decided to return to it and do something personal for a change.

Past clients / projects

ABC Television (documentaries)
SBS Television (documentaries & promos)
Southern Star (documentaries)
J Walter Thompson (TVCs)
Saatchi & Saatchi (TVCs)
Maher & Holmes (TVCs)
Sydney Water (corproate videos & TVCs)
University of Syndey (promos)
Promethean Media (corporate videos)
Sea World (theme attraction)
AMP (theme attraction)
Roads and Traffic Authority (coprorate videos)
World Vision (TVCs)
Brilliant Interactive Ideas (web seires)
World Movies (promos / station theme)
AAV Business Communications (promos)
EMI (3 x albums of library music)
Village Roadshow (promos)
Mounties (jingle)
Blinds Nice (jingle)
Canteen - Bandana Day (jingle)
Proton Brumby Ute (jingle)
Lili's Tiara (short film)
The Other Side of the Sun (short film)
Green Eyed (short film)
In Living Memory (short film)
The Sprite (feature film)
Violet's Visit (feature film)